The Buzzer’s Effect

I went to check out Google Analytics today. I was obsessed with it when I first launched my website last year, and again in November 2010 when I rebranded myself as The Dandelion Theory. I have only checked it once or twice a month after that. I was bored today so I decided to check it and to my surprise, I got new 130 unique visitors! Wow. I’m quite surprised actually. How do I get that many people to check out my site? Unsurprisingly, they are mainly coming from The Buzzer’s back link. Not only that my friends (and maybe friends of friends) check out my Facebook, but they also checked the Buzzer’s site, and then went on to my website! Woop woop! You can read what I did for the Buzzer here. So I’m really, really, REALLY, thankful for the opportunity I had with The Buzzer. I just wished I had more time to fiddle around with it, to make the illustration much more awesome but given the time constrain (4 days and I only worked on it for +- 5 hours due to the tight school schedule), I’m quite happy with the results.


I also just got a new comment from one of SIFE Simon Fraser’s member whom I got to know of during the retreat 1.5 months ago. Here’s what she wrote on my Facebook wall:
You are sooooo talented! I was creeping through your website and I’m amazed at EVERYTHING (your work, your goals, your life!)about you. Keep it up woman! 🙂

She totally made my night! Up until this day I still think that my writing in my website is inadequate and there are still some grammatical/typo errors in there, but I’m so glad that she was able to understand my goals, achievements, and life. It’s so awesome. I quickly checked my website and updated some of the photography and print content and hoping there would be more people checking it out soon.

If you don’t know what/where to find my website, here it is:


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