Officially a Marketing, Brand, and Media Coordinator

I met with Diana, my partner for Third Degree Theatre, yesterday at Metrotown to finally sign the contract to be TDT’s Marketing, Brand, and Media Coordinator for the period of one year. I couldn’t have been even more excited! These guys are super awesome and energetic! I know I have lots to learn about the theatre world but I’m oh so willing to learn especially from my now partners. They are so passionate about this and I already know I can grow so much just from being apart of all the fun.

My first task as the Marketing, Brand, and Media Coordinator (man! What a long title! Love it!) is to design their logo. I have so many iterations but it finally came down to the one that I actually originally came up with and grew to love. It is possible to have many different styles and colours to this logo as required and that’s another beauty of it – it’s flexible. Oh in case you can’t see it, it looks like a 3 but with the enclosure of the 3 makes up a “t”. They also like the crazy squiggly borders around it to show the complexity of the plays they are producing.


Another thing that I did not promise them, but super willing to do is to create their website. Now I had a vision of what I want the website to look like in my head and in Illustrator and Aaron, another partner, was hoping to get a web dev guy to work it out for us. Yet I think it’s difficult to find a web dev that would want to work voluntarily. So I stepped up to the plate and asked Diana if I can do the website too and to surprise the guys with it. She said sure, but only I have the time. Heck, I always have time to do all of these. It’s a good exercise for my time management and design skills anyways. I’m not going to let go of this opportunity.

So I went home and started playing around with it. As some of you already know, I’m horrible at programming. Not just programming, but also developing a website. I can work with CSS but never able to actually make one from scratch. For this reason, I decided to use the good ol’ I just love love LOVE Wix. It gives me exactly what I want and in a jiffy. If I were to do my design in HTML, it would’ve taken me at least 2 months to figure it out; but, with the power of, I was able to get the draft done within the period of 4 hours long. I considered 4 hours to do a website as quite fast. Yet again, it’s just Wix, not an actual code.

Anyways, you can view my first polished draft here: and let me know what you think of it. Please give me some suggestions or thoughts. I accept all kinds of feedback so just fire away!

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 2.05.45 PM

PS: I have also set myself to get at least 50 twitter followers by March, as I will be promoting TDT’s events etc via twitter. So please add Third Degree Theatre’s twitter account: @3degreetheatre


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