Mint-filled Chocolate Cupcake

As some of you already know, I bake. I bake when I’m stressed, mostly. It’s just the idea of following the recipe step by step, whisking the eggs, pouring the batter, waiting for the oven relax me. I’ve been practising this art of relaxation for the last 3-4 years now I think. I don’t think my skills improved, but I just enjoyed it more and more. But yeah, I’m a baker and not a cook. Everytime Ed comes over and wants me to cook dinner, I would stress. I would be flipping through recipe books and sites just to find the perfect recipe and get the dish done to the T. This is why I don’t cook all that much! Too much stress for me. I just can’t free my thoughts, explore on the ingredients, and just follow my intuition. I don’t trust myself all that much really. I would rather follow a recipe and just modify it here and there. 

Today, I decided to make mint-filled chocolate cupcake! I have been wanting to make these since last week and was thinking if I should make these as Valentine gift for Ed. It just never happened. But I finally did it today because I was just going home from school and was feeling tired and ready to take a nap. I figured, instead of taking a nap, might as well do something productive! So tadaaaa 🙂 45 minutes later I have 12 beautiful cupcakes in front of me. They are not as fluffy nor soft as they are actually brownie cupcake and I didn’t use any baking powder/soda for them, just salt. They are a little condensed but the chocolate was heavenly. It was super dark, just the way my family likes it. 

After they cooled down a bit, I whipped some french chocolate icing and just ice them using a knife. Can’t wait to have them for breakfast tomorrow. Omnomnomnom.

Here are two shots of the cupcakes on my pretty cupcake stand:



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