I don’t sing, I really don’t!

I went for my first choir practice this year. In case you’re wondering, no I DO NOT sing. AT ALL. If I humm you Twinkle2 Little Stars, I can bet you anything you wouldn’t get it until you actually give up and I tell you what it is. Yep, I’m really that horrible. It’d be so much more awesome if I can sing though; I always envy those who can. But hey, everyone has different talents right? 🙂 Okay, so back to choir practice… This is actually for the upcoming Easter celebration for my Indonesian Catholic Society of BC church on April 24th and though I can’t sing, I still said yes anyways. 

Why did I say yes?

I don’t know. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

I enjoy challenges and I take this as a challenge for myself. I feel sorry for those who are paired up to sing with me. I’m sorry, Nis. No matter how hard it is to reach that high tone (see, I don’t even know what’s the proper jargon for it!) but I will keep challenging myself and be shameless. I’ll scream my heart out during these practices and be so much better by April 24th. As my mom always said “if there’s a will, there’s a way” and yes, I do believe in that. 🙂 Just bear with me.


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