Third Degree Theatre’s first press coverage!

I got an email today from one of my partners in Third Degree Theatre, Aaron. Apparently, our beloved Third Degree has just got our first press coverage ever! It definitely is a momentous moment for all of them, but I too got excited for them! It’s a huge step and we definitely need to get more of those press coverage to grow significantly. But hey, we gotta start somewhere right?

I’ll be in charge to create the documentations to be submitted to the press, but yet we are still quite busy with our own lives and other responsibilities. Hopefully we would be able to pull everything, the press kit and website and all other branding necessities, together before our next show in hope of getting a bigger hit. 

Here’s where you can read the press coverage and if you don’t have anything to do this weekend, why not take a drive down to Maple Ridge and watch our show. The performer is stunning and the whole crew is awesome; you’ll be simply amazed!…



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