Find Me on Transit!

I’m so excited! My illustration has finally be published on to the monthly Translink bulletin, The Buzzer! It’s quite a rad feeling to go on the train and see your illustration stacked neatly, waiting for people to pick it up.

Yet they never did.

Why is it that people don’t pick up the monthly Buzzer that has got some interesting information on it and is provided free for them? Could it be the placement of it? Or could it be its just not interesting enough? I’m not entirely sure. I asked my sister and another friend if they ever picked it up and they said yes, but they would return it back to the rack. Perhaps that’s what everybody is doing – they picked it up and returned it back. They don’t just leave them in the seats like how newspapers are often left behind. I tried to look for a logical reasoning behind it and I only can come up with one.

Perhaps people see how neatly the Buzzers are stacked together and feel the urge to return them back to its neat position, unlike other things. Newspapers such as 24Hrs and Metro are given out to the passengers freely and sometimes, in a chaotic fashion (when they were just rushing to get on the transit.)

That’s my only explanation of why I still can see quite a few copies of the previous month’s Buzzer in there. If you have any other thoughts on this, let me know! I’m quite curious!

Oh btw, something that’s also exciting for me is – to be on the front page of the Buzzer’s blog today! I immediately took a screen shot of it and make it my Facebook profile pic and people are clicking on the “LIKE” button. Yay! Thanks for your support, fwiends ❤

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 2.09.01 PM



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