IAT 320 – Sketch #1 Week 1

So here comes the first major assignment for IAT 320 which is a sketch. No, not your regular hand-drawn sketch or anything like that, but it’s a sketch of the programming language we are learning: MaxMSP. For this assignment, we are supposed to get into groups of three and figure out what sort of computer vision we want to do that’s somewhat doable within a week time.

I freaked out.

I’m not a programmer but thankfully, I’ve got Kennett Kwok in my class and he’s willing to partner up with me. I also asked Shane Morin to join us and there, I’ve got myself two great programmers. After a few minutes of brainstorming and discussing random ideas, we finally came up with two decent ideas:

– The Composer: people can adjust several set of instruments depending on the movement of their body. For example, if they brush their fingers from left to right, the piano sound of the song is amplified. If they strum in the air, perhaps the sound of the harp gets louder.

– Wildlife Photographer: people often use their four finger tips to frame a subject/object prior to taking pictures. This is what we are trying to capture in this computer vision sketch again, the possibility of taking pictures of animals (from a projected video) according to the frame they created with their fingers. The frame could be large, tilted, etc. We are also looking into figuring out some sort of gesture that could potentially be conditioning for the photo (i.e. blur, vignette, etc.)

After more discussion, we came up to an agreement to do the wildlife photographer instead because it interests us more and more doable within a week. Right now, I’m looking at some precedences or just other random projects that might have similar ideas with ours. It will be great if I can find some studies on the gestures that people do unconsciously while they are taking pictures, or the differences in how one holds a camera, or anything that’s relevant to this project. So if you have them, please do send them my way via twitter or comment below.

Wish us luck!


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