What is IAT 320?

Alright, so I know I haven’t written anything for almost a month. Was I dead? No, not really. But I have just been really been busy and too lazy to type. Horrible. Now though, I remembered that I have to keep an active blog as part of what I promised last year and also, I need a blog that cover what I think and learn in class for one of the classes I’m taking. So if you happen to visit my blog and whatever I talked about didn’t make sense to you and it’s tagged IAT 320, you know you’re not the only one that’s confused. I will be too. 

IAT 320 is a Body Interface class and this is the description SFU provides:
Explores ideas of embodiment, knowledge and space within the human relationship to technology.  Throughout this course, students will construct and analyze contemporary and historical models of bodily interaction with machines, understand physical practices of embodiment and apply these concepts to representation, design and the production of artistic interface.


Topics covered, include: 
The evaluation of body mapping systems such as medical, statistical, data bodies and experiential mappings.
Study of existing body interface systems with a critical perspective derived from the perspective of embodied art practice.
The construction of an interface system with clear indication of its gestural and embodied implications.

… and the course objectives:

  • Evaluate various systems of embodied interaction, mapping the body to interface design and analyze experiential and analytic systems of embodied mapping.
  • Evaluate the concept of body interface and apply this knowledge, critically, to conceive the design of a body interface project.
  • Understand the role of the physical senses in a range of multi-modal interface systems.
  • Construct an interaction system which explores the detection of body movement and gesture in space.

Sounds interesting, right? Yep, I’m quite excited for this course. Many people have recommended me to take this class and here I am taking it! I’m kind of struggling in the class right now though. I understand the concepts no problem, but it’s all the MaxMSP sketches I’m so unfamiliar about! If you know MaxMSP, identify yourself and be ready to be bugged! 🙂




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