I Got Hit!

One of my good friends, Riani, told me several times that she just got hit by guys, whether it was on the bus, at school, at work, via text, etc. And I always asked my boyfriend, Ed, why haven’t I got hit by guys lately? Could they tell that I’m in a relationship? Or am I too reserved? Either or, I finally got hit today.

The setting: the airport (good, huh?)

Alright, so I was lining for the immigration services at the Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta’s airport and there were signs above each of the custom officer. One sign said Foreigner, the other said Indonesian. I looked around and saw there was almost as many people lining up for the foreigner one so I did too. I thought they just forgot the sign or something. Then I realized that people had different colour of covers than my green Indonesian passport and so I moved to the proper line. 

No, that’s not where I got hit.

When it was my turn to go, I held out my passport and gave it to the officer. He had no smile whatsoever, he didn’t even look at me, nor did he look at my passport correctly. He started typing my name as “Stepani Wiriaharharja”. Now I don’t know why Indonesians like to type/write Stephanie as Stepani. So here’s my brief conversation with the officer.

Stephanie (S): Errr. Excuse me, you spelled my name wrong. It’s not ste-PA-NI. It’s with an H.
Officer (O): Oh right. *re-typed* Like that?
S: Errrr. You missed the E as well.
O: Oh, the complete Stephanie.
S: errr.. d’uh! yeah, btw, the last name is also misspelled. 
O: Which part? *looked at passport and back to the screen*
S: *spelled it out* W-I-R-I-A-H-A-R-D-J-A
O: Oh, with the old spelling huh. Complicated. Okay, what’s the gender?
S: Female, I believe.
O: Okay, female it is. Good. Alright, are you seeing anyone?
S: Ummm, yes?
O: Oh that’s too bad, else we could’ve get to know each other a little bit more, yenno.
S: Thanks. *grabbed passport and walked away as quickly as I could*

Yep, when I picture myself getting hit, it clearly wasn’t with the custom officer who kept a dead-straight face throughout the whole conversation. Well then, I got my wish granted. Next time, I’d make a much more specific wish! 😛


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