Universal Studios Singapore – 1/5!

Holy crap! How long has it been since I wrote on this thing? It’s not that I’ve forgotten or got too lazy, but.. the internet here in Indonesia is quite limited. It’s not Indonesia’s fault, it’s just my house’s fault. The modem is placed in my parents’ bedroom and my bedroom is like 10 metres away from there, blocked by heavy bricks and what not, so.. I only get internet when I’m in their room. 

Anyways, how’s everybody doing? MERRY CHRISTMAS by the way! I’m doing fine, just in case you’re wondering 😛 I’ve been in Jakarta since the 17th of December (which sadly was also my 1.5 year anniversary with Ed; oh well, we’ll celebrate it in January!) and went to Singapore just for two days a couple of days ago. I’ve eaten so much that I have to start using mad Photoshop skills to smooth out my double chin and squeeze smaller my arms. Ha! 

If you are planning to visit Singapore’s newest attraction, Universal Studios, FORGET ABOUT IT. Seriously! It’s not worth it AT ALL. I finished walking around the park in like 3 hours and for the price paid, SGD $66, I would rather spend it elsewhere! What’s with all the hype? When I first found out that the website said it’s all SOLD OUT til January 2nd, my heart sunk. The only reason why we are going on this trip is for that. Luckily (so we thought!) my mom found a travel agent that sold tickets online. We were so exciteeeed until we walked around and said “that’s it?”. I can’t really blame the park nor Singapore itself though; my mom and I have been to ALL Disneylands out there so we have a pretty high expectations. Especially with the fact that Disney has way more innovative rides and cute characters that Universal Studios totally lack. I don’t know. I just thought it was a waste of money. You don’t have to take my words for it though. Just consider yourself warned 😛

Other than that boohoo, we still enjoyed our trip. My mom’s awesome; I love traveling with her, she’s just awesome. She’s like a friend that I would never fight with on where to go or what to do. Thank you for accompanying me, nyak ❤




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