Setting my 2011 career plate up

I finally man up and emailed Husky Energy to ask how if I got the placement. Unfortunately and fortunately, I don’t. Well, right after the interview I already knew that I wouldn’t get the job. Man, I had a phone interview and it was hard! I am so used to just going to an interview “selling” my smile and this time I couldn’t. Perhaps I sound a bit too much like a little kid too over the phone.

So, unfortunately I am now officially in the job hunting phase for this coming summer’s coop placement. Fortunately though, I wouldn’t have to move all the way to Calgary for 8-months (I don’t mind the “moving” part but perhaps I mind the Calgary, although perhaps I’ll get to hang out with Jill W. then :P). Putting that aside, I have some more stuff that’s in line with me right now including the freelance work I have promised with Third Degree Theatre and Binge, coordinating the internal affairs stuff with MADrenegade (if you ever need a great website/video/photo/poster/biz card, give us a shout!), and figuring out Momentus (which will be my toughest challenge yet!). I have also decided to take on the internship for Vancouver Short Film Festival for the 2nd year as the print designer. Yay 🙂

Ah I can’t be more excited for 2011. It will be a career milestone year!

p.s.: if you know any cool place hiring, please tweet me! ❤


3 thoughts on “Setting my 2011 career plate up

  1. That’s a little broad, haha. Message me specifics (e.g. industry, company size, exact roles, ideal salary, etc.) and I’ll keep an eye out?

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