Snippets of Whistler

I just came back from three-days trip to Whistler with other 13 people, whom (mostly) have been through the hell of IAT 338 with me this semester. It’s certainly was one of the best getaways I ever been to and it’s not just because of the awesome people I went with but also the satisfaction. We deserve this getaway!

I haven’t been in Whistler for many years and I don’t know, I always thought it’s like 4 hours away from Vancouver so I never really bothered to plan going there for just a day trip (which is odd, considering I go to Seattle for a day trip). Yet when Ryan drove the three of us up there, it just took us as short as 1.5 hours. Sure he was speeding, but not by a lot. I was surprised and will definitely be starting to plan more trips to visit Whistler in the near future. 

When we got there, it was just a shortly after 4 and we checked in to the Glacier Lodge (p.s: horrible website, beautiful place – right beside Fairmont Chateau Whistler!). There were enough rooms and beds for all fourteen of us to sleep in which was great but man oh man, with all of those luggages it gets so packed! Once we sorted out the rooms, it’s certainly better and we moved on to the living room to play games, starting with PervArtistry. I never played it but I was definitely interested in it once I saw the title. If you haven’t played it before, YOU SHOULD. I totally recommend it to those who have a dirty mind or just “adventurous” 😛 It definitely started the mood right by lots of laughing and embarrassment haha.

That’s how we were throughout the night until we finally decided to go for a midnight poutine run to the famous Zogs. It costed us about $8 for a classic poutine and I actually had a pretty high expectations of it. Unfortunately it didn’t meet my expectations. The portion was small for the price (well, it’s Whistler afterall) and the taste was alright. I still prefer Belgian Fries on Commercial any day. If you haven’t been to Belgian Fries, I highly recommend you to go. The price is about the same for a pile high poutine. Yumm!

On the way there, we stopped to have a short snowball fight. It was pretty intense. At first it was just the guys who snowballed each other and the girls, being girls, just building snowman on the side until…… they attacked us. We ended the night with a peace treaty and waited for the next day to come to have a re-match. I fell asleep while watching Equilibrium, it was a tad bit too weird for me. Have you watched it?

I woke up at 11 the next morning like everybody else; started the day off with egg and toast and walked around the village just to find Cow’s is closed. There we were, getting excited to get milkshakes. So we continued our journey and stopped at The Great Glass Elevator candy store, which basically has all kind of candies – old and weird! Having not much money, we decided to have a bite at KFC. I had popcorn chicken, Aldrich and Ryan had the Double Down Sandwich. Again I had my expectations a bit too night. I thought it’s gonna be huge and greasy, nope. It was quite small and the cheese wasn’t even melted. Disappointed.

After more rounds of capture the flag, snowball fight, drinks, and junk food, we left Whistler this morning with lots of memories of good time. 


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