Ed’s version of Stephanie’s Day

Ed took me on a date yesterday. Perhaps this is not my most exciting blog post for you ever, but hey, give me a break, I need my love life too! 😛

We first went to the Robson Square Ice Skating Rink. It wasn’t our first time being there but definitely was our first time skating there. I was surprised that it only costed us $6 for 2 and seems like we could’ve just skated all day long if we wanted to. Yet, here’s the thing, Ed and I have only skated twice in the last >10 years so….. we get tired oh so quickly. After a few runs and giggles and pointing at people falling down, we left for dinner.


Next up, we went for dinner at Santouka Ramen. Have you been there? Tweet me if you have! It was my first time there after being recommended so many times. Bad bad choice. I prefer Kintaro 1000x more than Santouka. The taste was alright, it wasn’t anything awesome and worth going back for; I don’t know what’s all the fuss is about! What threw both of us off was the size – we are big eaters and the portion was way too small for us. As the food arrived, I thought of Kintaro’s awesome garlic ramen. Ahhh I’m drooling again now.

As we have predicted, we weren’t full so we went for cheesecake at True Confection. I haven’t been there for many years and I didn’t remember if it was really that expensive. I paid $11 (tips + hst included) for ONE marble cheesecake. Was it worth it? hhhm, I don’t know. I like Trees Organic one more now.

In the spirit of Ed’s kindness to make it “Stephanie’s Day”, he took me to watch Tangled. I was alright with the trailer, but boy oh boy, wasn’t it an awesome movie! It was so adorable and sweet and cute and ahhh so Disney. All I can say is, I can’t wait to go back to watch it AGAIN! and buy the DVD when it’s out. I’ll give it 11/10! Ed gave it 9/10! Woooooot!

Oh, the reason why we’re having a date in the midst of his crazy exam schedule is because I will be leaving to Whistler tomorrow and Indonesia in just a few days, so we won’t have any more dates this year.

Mmmkay, will be writing another bloggie soon!
P.S.: oh btw, how’s everybody’s progress in QWOP?


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