1 grandma, 2 months, 7 luggages

I picked up my grandma and aunt who went to visit my cousin in Portland for two months yesterday at the Pacific Central Station. Before we came to pick them up, I was warned by my cousin that my grandma will be bringing a lot of stuff. Little did I know that she was bringing 4 luggages of 25kg each and 3 small ones of +- 8kg. It’s ridiculous! She has this super shopaholicness inside of her that urges her to buy stuff all the time just because they’re “cheap” in the U.S. How am I suppose to carry all of them home now? I’m leaving to Indonesia just with my mom and my grandma (my aunt is going back to Portland)= 3 people = (supposedly) 6 luggages of 32kg each. We have 2 extra luggages now O_O;;



I wish my mom to be patient enough to repack everything and see which ones we can actually leave behind. What more the Indonesian government has recently imposed special tax for items brought from a foreign country that is estimated to cost more than $250, or $1000 per family. My mom and I are looking into ways to pass thru the customs by paying some people 😛 Maybe that’ll worth the price.


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