MOMENTUSme is almost here!

I’m oh so excited! is almost ready, I’m SOOOOO STOKED!

What is it? It’s my event planning business. It’s not just any event planning business because I wouldn’t want to be handling wedding stuff for two main reasons. 

1) I’m not married. i have no idea what it requires and how to help the bridezillas.
2) There are wayyyyy too many wedding planners here in Vancouver.

So will be focusing more on the “surprise” factor and on the kind of things people often don’t have any time to do it by themselves. This is definitely the domain I want to be working in. I’ve been planning and managing many events for my friends and other people as well and I found myself really enjoying the process of planning, coordinating, and executing them. Most of my events also create a huge buzz which has given me an indication that I am a good planner. Am I though? That’s still what I yet need to find out. 

I just don’t know how to market myself YET! I’ve looked at advertisement fees in some magazines and my oh my, they are expensive! Perhaps I have to look into Facebook side ads and depends on the social network and word of mouth. I would need so muuuuuuch help on this one. 

Give me a shout to @mdstephanierw and/or @momentusme

Official launch of Early next year if all goes well! 


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