Christmas Wish #3: I want to learn Kinetic Typography

I’ve been wanting to make a video to submit for the ICBC 180 Video contest that’s due at the end of the month. However, I’ve been procrastinating for one reason – I can’t film. As much as I would like to learn how to film, I still don’t find it as something I am entirely interested in. That shouldn’t stop me from submitting a film and getting all the prizes, right? So while I was brushing my teeth yesterday night, I thought to myself, why not do something that I can do without mad filming skills? But what then? Filming myself? Euw. Hhhm. I finally got it – Kinetic Typography! I enjoy looking at people’s typography works, both static and dynamic. I have no idea how to make a kinetic typography video, but I am very excited to take on the challenge.

Here’s one of the kinetic typography vid I enjoyed watching (if you’re sensitive to the F word, don’t watch :P) :

… and here’s the tutorial video I’ll be relying from:…

If any of you ever worked with this kind of domain, or have any other tutorial you can suggest me with, please fire away! and wish me luckkkkk!


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