Christmas Wish #1: I want to be a programmer

In the spirit of happy blogging, I decided to blog about this problem my team and I currently are having. You  might not be able to help, but hey, what the heck. So, for the final project of our beloved 338 class, our team has decided to make a sleeping bag with a heating pad that is controllable using gestures. However, it is now exactly 13 hours before the project due and it does NOT work. Why wouldn’t it work? Well there are many problems that entail it right now.

1) The Arduino and sensor thing stopped working. It worked before, and then we went to grab food. Now it just does not detect any touch/change in temperature anymore. Without it working, we would not be able to control the on/off the heating pad. Yay.

2) The heating pad has two problems:
          – We first bought a car seat heater that totally rocked. It warmed up quickly and efficiently in a car but did not work as awesome-ly when we plug it to the wall. 
          – We then bought another heating pad that’s like inside a blanket. It worked fine, not as warm as the car seat one, but it’s fine. The only problem is now- it’s 110V and Arduino can only support 9V. There’s no way we can attach 101V worth of resistors to that thing.

So there! Our problems. How are we going to solve them are totally a different story that I’m yet very curious to find out. In the mean time, just wish us luck, I guess……………….

I wish I can be a programmer. I don’t have to be awesome at it, but at least know the stuff a little bit more to figure things like this. Should I take on this challenge? Gah, there are just way too many things I want to learn and I’m a slow learner. Gah.


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