Excitement + Confusion

I was just slacking off at home today when my cell phone rang. I didn’t know who was calling me because the number was just quite odd. I thought it’s going to be a telemarketer but nope, it was somebody else that I never really expected. Alright, so I’m not going to mention the name of the company yet but it is pretty big in gas and oil and is based in Calgary. I have been offered an interview next week for the graphic designer position for 8 months. Awesome, isn’t it?

What’s stopping me?

This one course. I am in an 8-month long course called Capstone and yes, it will go all the way til April. I’m committed to it. I’m so CONFUSED of what to do now. Well, I know what I can do is just do the interview well and ask them if I can hold the job for Summer/Fall instead. I’m almost certain that they aren’t going to like it, but I really don’t know what to do! Is this the job for me?

If it is, then why am I being constraint by a course like Capstone? I like the course but I really wished it’s not constraining me to turn down such a good opportunity such as this one. Or could it be there’s a better job waiting for me somewhere out there? Sigh, I really don’t know. What I’m going to do now is just study the company well and find out if they are the right fit for me, do well in the interview, and convince them.


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