Skytrain this morning

​Guy A: * as entering the skytrain * I’m fine dude, I dont need to sit, they’ve fixed my heart.


Guy B: I lost your number intentionally. My phone can only hold 250 numbers.


A: I always get to the skytrain at 8:30. You were late today. You came at 8:35.

B: Yeah I wanted to cuddle a bit longer.


A: Is your wife back to work now?

B: Yes, since Aug. She leaves earlier than me and comes home later though.

A: because she’s not sucking the taxpayers money like you

B: no, I just work more efficiently than her.

A: you think so? I think she is more efficient than you.

B: what makes you think that?

A: she’s Chinese. She’s a female.

* both exit *

And there I was, closing my eyes and cringing through their whole conversation.

Internal Case Competition

There are so many things I want to do on a rainy Saturday. Stay in bed, binge watch, drink hot chocolate, do puzzles, make some arts and crafts, basically anything but go to school.

I did anyways, because it’s our first case competition ever. I was excited but terrified at the same time. It’s been 5 weeks since classes have started and I’ve got to know what my classmates are like. They’re a bunch of smart, thoughtful, analytical bunch. I’m the exact opposite.

But there I was today at school, right at 8:50am, with a case in my hand. It was on Netflix and the year was set to 2007. We put our biases and knowledge of where Netflix is today (2016) and read the case thoroughly. Then we discussed the points and the alternatives given. Once the counter hits 1 hour 20 minutes, I started the presentation design. It was a challenge to not be able to use internet, even to grab images. But everybody was given the same condition and it turned out to be a great exercise for me to be creative with just text and offline resources (and very limited time) given.

I was so nervous when we were practicing our parts. I did not know what to exactly say. I started writing a script but I tossed it away. I let the words flow and the next few hours went so quickly.

Our team thought out presentation went alright. We were proud of our team but felt we could’ve done better. 

Turns out, the judges didn’t feel the same way. They nominated us to go to the finals. Us! Out of 15 groups that presented, we got chosen along with other 2 groups to do another presentation, and this time in front of the whole 9 judges and the 52 people in our cohort.

We didn’t get to watch the other 2 presentations so we had no idea how we stacked up against them. But luck was on our side today.. because we won! 

Yes, we won! I could hardly believe it. It wasn’t just the judges who congratulated us, but the whole class. They said the combination of our stage presence and analysis of the case was great. It’s one thing to win a competition, but another to be congratulated by your peers (and competitors of this particular case).

I have a slight regret for deciding to skip the local MBA games because I didn’t have my confidence in check. But I know, the people that are going, are the best of the best from our cohort and they’ll bring home the awards on our behalf.


Richmond staycation

Sometimes you don’t have to go far to enjoy the beauty of life, the company of friends, the best of food.

We wanted to go to Kelowna for Thanksgiving but alas, due to my school schedule, we couldn’t. So after looking around for places to stay near Vancouver, we ended up in Richmond but somehow it felt like we were somewhere else, perhaps Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Richmond is just a stone throw away from where we all live but we haven’t explored much of it yet, especially as a group.

Turned out, it was the perfect place to be for us. We ate and ate, played games, shared life frustrations, experimented with 360 camera, stayed up all night. Sometimes it really does not matter where you go, it’s the people that make the difference.

Places we went to:

  • Claypot Hotpot: fancy three tier hot pot, steam, BBQ. It comes up to $30ish for each. All you can eat. Average quality of items.
  • Excellent Tofu: we went for desserts at 9:30pm and got seats right away. Spent about $5 each.
  • Jade Restaurant: we called an hour before coming in and they were able to reserve a table for us. Try the radish cake, it’s extra delicious here.
  • Hou Lok: late night congee and other greasy snacks. Order $30 worth of stuff, get 1 free large congee.

A twist

My life is a movie. I’ve said it every now and then to myself because I couldn’t believe some of the things that happened. They’re too good to be true. If I was unknowingly watching a movie chronicling a life like mine, I would take it with a grain of salt. 

But life is funny. One year you were closing a chapter of your life, the next that chapter reopened out of nowhere. What was already buried, suddenly came back to life (metaphorically). Things never changed deep down but it’s been easier to cover then staying in the hole, waiting. 

But now there’s a twist. Fate or not, I don’t know, but it’s certainly not something I expected. Caught me by surprise and now it’s all I think about.

Potential theme song:


Another year has gone by. I’m turning older every day yet not wiser. But I am thankful to be surrounded by people that are both wise, kind, and loving.

I’m thankful for each day of my life and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Thank you for all those who’ve helped me be the person I am today.

Building Cardboard City

If I ask you to build a replica of the city with cardboard and only cardboard, where would you start?

I had no idea where to even begin. But thankfully they asked EP, not me, because he knew what to do right away.

He started in IKEA. We hunted for cardboard up down the aisles. There are a few particular type that’s good for specific purpose, he said.


Then off to the drawing board he went. I asked him to draw it out just so I can see what his vision was. 9934a8_33ef677be2ba4cdbb393f0b4d7f7e65c-mv2

Then it’s laser cutting time! It’s his first time cutting with a laser cutter and it definitely saved a lot of time! Just imagine cutting all these pieces by hand.9934a8_1302d63afca84ae2a1ed1ec73b699e4b-mv2_d_3840_2160_s_2

Just look at how thin it is!


He worked tirelessly on this project in preparation for the inaugural Vancouver Mural Festival. It was really inspiring to see him in action, working on what he’s passionate about.


People absolutely loved it. This video barely represents the amount of hard work Eric put in to his cardboard city but it’s something! I love hearing the ooh’s and aah’s as the passerby’s at Vancouver Mural Festival and how excited they were to paint their own “murals”.

Such is life

Imagine going to sleep with bad news and waking up to even more bad news.

Well, that has been what my world has been like for the past three weeks. Every day I wake up finding something has gone wrong and by the time I sleep, there are more things that gone wrong. While they are not a matter of life and death issues, but they have a big impact nonetheless. It is draining to be in school while working and maintaining a relationship, but I have been proving it for the last 13 weeks that I can do it. I am not everybody. I have my own ambitions and ways to make it work.

But now I don’t know if I could continue on.

There’s just more added stress than what I have anticipated. While I know it is not my fault, I still feel responsible. I know this post is rather vague and if you are visiting my blog for the first time, you might be confused of what the hell I am talking about. Well, this blog is my way to expressing my thoughts. The posts are unedited and grammar is not my main focus.

So now here I am, 13 weeks past the first day of the Pre-MBA courses and about to start my MBA in 3 weeks. If anyone thinks my life has been so easy, well it is because I made it look easy for you. Those who are actually close to me would know that it is not as simple as it seems. I’m not complaining because I do not regret a single thing, but I just wish it is simpler.

I’m thankful though to have great friends and be in a supportive relationship. EP helps me cope. When I get my random mood drop, he would not leave me alone, he would not get mad at me. Instead, he stopped everything he’s doing and tried everything in his power to cheer me up. It feels great to be loved like that.

Lessons from the stars

There’s just something magical about spending the night under the stars, all cuddled up. At the start of (almost all) my relationships, my (then) boyfriend would say “We should go stargazing sometime!” and then we never did.

But with meteor showers in the forecast, there’s no better excuse to go. So EP and I drove all the way to the ski hill area of Cypress at 10pm. I have always enjoyed driving but last night’s drive was definitely more than enjoyable. I felt like I was one with the car, the wind in my hair, the music serenading the trip up.

Once there, I was distracted with messages I got on my phone but EP wasn’t. He’s there to look at the stars and he quickly saw the meteors that were showering the night sky. I looked up and was feeling frustrated that I couldn’t see any. He said “To see one, you have to look.” And as soon as I put away my phone and just focus on the sky, sure enough I started seeing the meteors passing by.

I would not say the night was the most romantic one ever, because it was not, but it made me realize one thing:


It’s a vast universe. There are over 7 billion people in the world. Yet EP and I managed to find each other and that itself, is special.

I tried capturing the night sky with my Canon 5D mark ii and was pleasantly surprised by a few of the blindly-captured photos we took:14012570_10157486956185647_1110761575_o14002327_10157486956295647_485226288_o14001740_10157486956015647_159097859_o

Thank you stars for reminding me that I’m just a tiny speck in this universe. I’m also reminded that some stars are brighter than others and I wish to be one that helps shine the night.

Photo taken with Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm lens
Edited with Photoshop CS3
Cypress Mountain, West Vancouver, B.C.

The Most Magical Night

It has been over a month since we celebrated the resort’s third anniversary yet I still can’t get over it. How could I? It was a magical evening and everything I have dreamt and planned for turned into a reality. It was more beautiful than anything I could ever imagine and I’m glad the guests and staff felt the electrifying energy too.

Every detail was carefully crafted as I did not want to leave anything out. I was a control freak, I admit, but I knew I had to if I wanted it to be magical.

As I have shared on April 20, it all started with an idea of having mermaids at the anniversary party. Indeed, the mermaids drove the whole concept and we decided on “Threemendous Sunset at the Enchanted Garden of Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran”. The evening enchanted our 450 guests with our lush tropical garden and one-in-a-kind 1,300sqm saltwater lagoon area.

Guests were greeted with the magical appearances of stunning mermaids from Mermaid.Inc, accompanied by fairytale-themed music from Bali Classical Lounge.

To kick off the evening, guests were invited to release beautiful butterflies of various species from all over the Indonesian archipelago to give them a new home in the gardens. The butterfly release stunned many of guests and added a magical sight along with the stunning golden dusk as the sun sets.

The celebration continued with cake cutting ceremony of a one-and-half meter signature éclair tower along with the thrown of real flower petal confetti.

Acro and fire dance performance from Dwi & Eka, the grand finalists of ‘Indonesia Mencari Bakat’ also enlivened the evening, followed by fashion show by Air Resorts & Swimwear, Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace, and Aryuna Jewelry, worn by models from Yongki Model Management, and the groovy tunes from Bali’s rising DJ Shissy Bvlagry.

Aside from the actual celebration itself, we had to keep the guests busy while we work on putting and setting up the magic in the pool area. So we had Uluwatu Lace Demonstration and Flower Crown Making at the lobby and they were both so well received by the audience.

The day after, we also hosted A Day at Sea – an experience to know a life of a local fisherman, and other engaging activities were also specially prepared to take all the guests’ experience to the whole new level during this extraordinary jubilee.

It was truly a magical night and I could not have done it without the immense support of the team, the family, EP, our entertainers and partners. I wish I could replay the moment and slow mo it.

Can’t get enough? Me too. Watch the video here.

This event marks a few career achievements for me:

  • Efficient planning
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • DIY’d backdrop
  • Event styling
  • Project management
  • Internal/external communication

Those are just a few things I learned during this whole process and I am just glad to have had the chance.

Photos by Grace Road Photography

Quinn’s 4th

When I first adopted Quinn in 2013, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I have had pets before but none of them last very long.

But Quinn is different. I adopted her because I was lonely. She gave me a reason to come home to an otherwise empty house. Quinn has been through a lot. She was separated from her litter just a month after she gave birth to them. She stayed in my house for awhile. She stayed at KC’s a week here and there whenever I travelled. She was taken care by Sahar, EP, Trixie. She came with me to Sunshine Coast. She has had exploratory surgery, visited a bunch of vets, and on/off medicines. But she stayed tough through it all.

And this champ just celebrated her 4th birthday today! Hip hip hooray!


Happy birthday Quinn! Thank you for being a part of my life and for teaching me so many valuable life lessons.